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Experience Kundalini Yoga for personal transformation. Transform your life into a life of health, harmony, prosperity, loving and healthy relationships, creativity and to fulfill your life goals. Kundalini Yoga for more self-love, inner peace and connection with yourself. The key to discover the secret of a happy and harmonious life is inside you. I will teach you to unlock the code with the Kundalini techniques and how to deal with life challenges. Free yourself from fears, create a deep relationship with yourself, gain skills to recognise and break through limited thought and behaviour patterns. Visit Ankhlifecoaching a day in the busy city Rotterdam and still find peace of mind. Or visit Nijmegen in the middle of nature. Recharge and feel energized physical and mental. Stay vital and in balance. Join the Ankhlifecoaching lifestyle program.


My name is Audra Pinas. I feel blessed to share this effective, simple and powerful yoga, Kundalini Yoga, with you. It is a technology that helps you breakthrough old not helpful thoughts and habits. It make dreams come true and change your life in a positive way. When you practice Kundalini Yoga on a daily base it will transform your life in a positive way. I have experienced the positive effect of Kundalini Yoga two years ago. I still see the wonderful results in my life. I use special yoga postures and meditation techniques in my classes. So you can transform your life to fulfill your dreams and goals. Make your body strong and work on a positive state of mind. I have spend 10 years bringing my knowledge of transforming my limitations of thoughts in practice to fulfill my dreams and goals in life and discover my life purpose. It's time to share my experience with you to live a fulfilled life. I share personal growth and self-development individual consults and group seminars so you can work on yourself to live the life of your desire.


Bachelor of Law Degree, Certified Yoga Teacher - MBCT Trainer - Happiness Coach


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    Magic in your life

    This evening after work I was sitting in the bus listening Kundalini Yoga music. Suddenly I looked outside and was surprised by the beautiful colours in the sky. I noticed that since I listen to my Kundalini Yoga music I experience more beauty in my life. Just like today! I feel so blessed and gifted. […]

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    Just Believe

    If you just believe you will make it. I did it! Break through my own limitations. Don’t let your limited thoughts hold you back. Do the things you are scared of and you will see your mind is just playing games. In reality you create your own world with your thoughts. So start breaking through […]

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    Nourish your Soul

    Get rid as quick as possible of people who put you down, don’t accept you for who you are and show negative actions. Those people poison your spirit. Surround yourself with people who uplift you, give you energy and wish you the best in live.  

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    Radiant, Health & Beauty

    Accept yourself just as you are made. If you accept yourself absolutely as you are, you will embrace yourself. Sat Nam

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    A Noble woman

    Yogi Bhajan said this about a noble woman: To be very honest with you, a woman who is not a noble woman and who does not talk through her radiance, is not a woman. The greatest decoration a woman can have. She should not only look noble, she should live nobly. Nobility is a virtue […]

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    Full moon

    Five October it is full moon. This moon gives a lot of light and is called fire moon. It gives energy, willpower and enthusiasm. You will experience who you really are. Take a moment to re-evaluate the success you have reached this period before you make new plans. The full moon is a moment to […]

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    Sat Nam

    This month mantra is SAT NAM. Meaning Sat means ‘Truth’ Nam means ‘Identity’. Chanting this mantra awakens your soul and reveals your true purpose in life. It also change your subconscious brain patterns and habits. Practice this mantra from monday for 11 days 11 minutes. Experience the influence of this mantra in your personal life. […]

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