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AnkhLifeCoaching guides business women & women in general to create a balanced life at work and home life. Through life coaching, yoga, meditation sessions, silent meditation and retreats.

You will learn and strengthen yourself to cope better with life challenges in your business, home life, financial life, relationships and health life. I will teach you to release stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, tension in the body, restlessness, breakthrough habits that block you to grow personal and in your business so you will create a balanced health, healthy business, relationship and financial life.


Immerse yourself in drop-in kundalini & yin yoga classes and mini retreats.
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Learn how to calm the mind with daily & silent meditations.


Coach yourself with ankhlifecoaching personal life coaching.


Join our Yin Yoga classes for a healthy physical, mental and emotional state.

About Audra Audra Pinas is a kundalini & yin yoga teacher, a transformation & balance coach and the founder of AnkhLifeCoaching.

It’s her mission to guide & support women who struggle with live events in their career, business, relationships, health or financial life. These live events can cause stress, emotional & mental disbalance.

By teaching yoga, meditation and breath techniques for mental, physical, emotional and energetic transformation women worldwide will experience a more balanced and healthy life. Together we can make this world a better place. Let’s do this together and join AnkhLifeCoaching community.

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