Out of balance and do you need guidance because you experience stress in your daily life and it effects your career, business, relationships, health or financial life?

I will guide you to make changes in your subconscious and mindset, rewire your brain and breakthrough your mental limitations that can lead to amazing mental, physical and emotional shifts to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We offer you an online balance & stressrelease formula or a personal consult to keep your work and home life in balance.

stress release & burn-out prevention


If you want to build physical strength and also want to improve your mood and lower your stresslevel. But you prefer a combination of a physical, mental, emotional and energetic workout.

I will introduce you a stress release & balance formula that exists out of 4 stages: breath, movement, sound and meditation which are build on the ancient technology kundalini yoga and ancient yin yoga. So you can build a strong foundation to cope better with life challenges.


The breathwork formula is designed to slow down your breath, slow down your thoughts, balance your emotions and to calm the mind.

The breathwork is a beautiful practice to make you less emotional, reactive, aware and present to balance your stresslevel and to calm the nervous system.

Learn: what is breath, how to breathe and breath techniques. Below you can choose a introduction of breath exercises to reach a specific goal.


Start your day focused, energetic and attract good opportunities with a morning breath, movement and meditation practice. The early morning practice gives you a good start of the day. It last 3, 11, 21,30 or 40 days. You break free from daily routine and you will create healthier habits.

Connect with nature


Get your work and private live in balance with outdoors yoga.

This Summer each Sunday until 27th September 2020 from 10:00 until 11:00 o’ clock in the morning. For € 10,00 a single class.

Bring your own yogamat, bottle of water and bring a sweater and socks. Yoga outdoors will be at Goffertpark near muntweg in Nijmegen.

Hi I am Audra! The founder of AnkhLifeCoaching. I am a kundalini & yin yogateacher, yogi, and transformation coach.

It’s my mission to guide & support women who struggle with live events in their career, business, relationships, health or financial life. By teaching techniques for mental, physical, emotional en energetic transformation.

AnkhLifeCoaching cares about nature so she wants to share the beauty of nature with you. But also wants to help & support Mother Nature.

Het AnkhLifeCoaching wants to prevent more insects like bees and butterflies becomes extinct. There are lots of ways to contribute. Follow a online class or order your freebee. Every step helps towards our conservation work. So join AnkhLifeCoaching Community and contribute saving the insects such as the butterflies & bees.