From a woman without a navigation to a woman with a life purpose

My name is Audra Pinas and it’s my mission to create a balanced & healthy work and private lifestyle for women and men worldwide.

I went through a period were I felt being lived by the Dutch system. It felt that you were accepted and being complete if you have a degree, bought a house etc. or else you don’t fit in this society. I frequently had a cold, chronicle tired, often edgy and generally stressed out. I was looking for more balance and a life where I felt more fulfillment in my true essence.

I discovered the power of ancient techniques and how these techniques influenced my thoughts, beliefs, emotional responses, the way I breathe, the way a hold and moved my body. Practicing these techniques changed my mental, emotional and physical condition and I felt more balanced and less stressed.

This was a breakthrough in my life because it moved me towards my life purpose and helping me to create a balanced & healthy lifestyle. I want to share with you these accessible techniques because you deserve a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

Just 11 minutes will raise your vibration, will raise a healthy & balanced body and mind condition, will raise your focus to accomplish your life goals.

Online Platform

AnkhLifeCoaching is an online platform to balance your lifestyle & for prevention and recovery from unhealthy stress or burn-out. It’s for people who want to feel more energized, reduce unhealthy stress, who want to have a better balance between work and private life. 

Do you have a busy lifestyle? Feeling stressed out and overworked? Or are you dealing with a burn-out? Do you want to release stress any place and time? Join Ankhlifecoaching for a online home stress relief & burn-out lifestyle program. 

Your Lifestyle

Do you want to escape from living in a demanding society with high expectations? AnkhLifeCoaching just want you to be yourself without daily obligations. People who are mental, emotional and physical out of balance will find inner peace and work on a healthy body, mind and soul lifestyle with the online practice of AnkhLifeCoaching. 

Home Practice to Fit your Schedule 

If your work and private life schedule does not fit with the regular yoga schedules. No worries at Ankhlifecoaching you can start a stress release practice from your living room for a affordable price. Join AnkhLifeCoaching from a comfortable spot in your living room or bedroom where you find inner peace, completely relax and unwind. A nice gift to yourself. 


Undergo an inner lifestyle journey from your home with AnkhLifeCoaching and find inner balance. For recovery and prevention of burn-out, unhealthy stress, mental and emotional disbalance.


CEO, balance & transformationcoach Audra Pinas has seven years experience with different yogastyles: hatha yoga, ashtanga, kundalini, yin and fitness.


Beside being a certified Yin and Kundalini Yoga level 1 and 2 Audra deepens her practice with different workshops such as Qi Gong.


Audra feels privileged that she can attend people to create a balanced & healthy lifestyle.