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12 oktober 2019


Join the AnkhLifeCoaching community. Say no to unhealthy stress and burn-out. Work together with the AnkhLifeCoaching community against the bad influence of workstress on the health […]
8 februari 2020

open your heart | meditation

Kundalini love meditation: do this meditation if you lost trust in love. Purpose: you will regain the trust in selflove and healthy relationships in your life. […]
28 februari 2020

reduce stress| prevent burn-out

There are various reasons why some people are more sensitive for unhealthy stress or burn-out. One important reason most people forget is ‘energy’. They don’t listen […]
28 februari 2020

transform & create the life you want

Discover how to create the life you want. Transform your life and experience less stress, prevent burn-out and create the life you want with easy, powerful […]