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28 februari 2020

control your breath| emotions

Do you want to achieve your goals in life but are you feeling stuck? It might be that you are not using the correct strategy. I […]
3 maart 2020

food & stress

We all have moments you crave for a juicy hamburger, French fries, salty chips, milk chocolate bar or soda. We know these foods and drinks may […]
21 maart 2020

free audio: meditation good night sleep

In this hectic time you can experience lack of sleep caused by feelings of fear, sadness or an increased stress level.  Balance body, soul & mind […]
15 april 2020

stimulate immune system

Mantra immune system A powerful way to stimulate the immune system is by chanting mantras. Chanting also helps to de-stress. When you chant you stimulate hypothalamus. […]