12 oktober 2019
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28 februari 2020

open your heart | meditation

Kundalini love meditation: do this meditation if you lost trust in love.

Purpose: you will regain the trust in selflove and healthy relationships in your life.


Pose: sit in easy pose and jalandhar bandh

Sense: close your eyes and focus on the point between the eyebrows (Third Eye).

Sound (mantra):
’Sat Kartaar’

  1. Speak out loud the word ‘Sat’ and press your hands together in Prayer Pose. Place your hands against your chest.
  2. Then speak out loud ‘Kar’ and spread your arms half way to the side and be aware your fingers point straight up.
  3. Next speak out loud the word ‘Taar’ and stretch out both arms to the side completely. The arms are parallel to the ground. Make sure you move the arms in a flowing motion from step 1 to 3.

Minutes: 3 or 11 minutes

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